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Are you ready to take the APR Challenge?


Earning the APR is a valuable professional accomplishment that isn’t as hard as you might think! Through accreditation, you’ll take a step back from your day to day work and examine the theory and structure behind professional PR. You’ll master the four-part communication process, which includes setting goals, quantifying objectives, implementing the plan and evaluating progress at every step, and this information will be the backbone of all your future public relations and marketing plans—guaranteed.

If you’re wondering about the certification process, here are the five steps:

  1. Study for the exam (group study sessions are very helpful!)

  2. Complete the Examination for Accreditation in Public  Relations Application.

  3. Prepare and sit for a Panel Presentation.

  4. Study for and complete the computer-based examination.

  5. Demonstrate a committment to lifelong learning through maintenance

If you’re a current member of Pensacola FPRA, you may apply for state and local rebates once you’ve passed the exam.

FPRA participates in Universal Accreditation. Members can demonstrate their professional skills by sitting for the APR (Accredited in Public Relations) exam. In addition, FPRA offers an even higher level of professional certification, giving members an opportunity to earn the title of Certified Public Relations CounselorFor more information visit FPRA State Accreditation & Certification website.