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FPRA Can Help with Your 2018 GoalsMandy B. Fernandez - January 2018

Are you reading others’ New Year’s resolutions being shared? Do you feel overwhelmed coming up with a word of the year or your own goals? Let the FPRA Pensacola chapter help you. We’ll assist you on the path to a more balanced, more purposeful you. Plus, we’ll make it simple and fun.

Learn new skills

This is a resolution we see often. Expand your mind and educate yourself more in 2018. In FPRA, you really can learn something new each month at our chapter meetings. Our topics vary from hands-on smartphone tools to the impact of happiness at work. We work hard to include relevant, helpful information that every attendee can learn from and apply in their professional and personal roles. We invite you to join us at our next session.

Make connections

Social interaction is important to our wellbeing. We gain knowledge and resources by interacting and talking with others. This is a great reason why FPRA is vital to professionals. Whether you do full-time public relations and marketing in your job or you want to become a more effective communicator in other areas of your life, FPRA has something for everyone and you can make wonderful friends while learning new skills. You can even make connections across the state through the online member directory.

Boost your career

Are you looking to advance your career or perhaps considering a new job in 2018? To do so, you have to market yourself, polish your skillset, communicate effectively, network with others and understand technology. FPRA is a great organization that can support in each of these areas.

Stay up-to-date on the latest public relations trends with the online member webinar portal. And make sure your professional headshot is fresh for the new year – FPRA Pensacola chapter will offer discounted professional headshots on Jan. 18. Learn more.


Do you find yourself with a lack of time or energy to get all you need done in a day? Members of FPRA Pensacola often feel this way. That’s why our meetings, our education and our events are designed to offer you the most helpful information in a condensed format. We constantly share new tips, tricks and secrets for the professional world and general life hacks. Contact us to learn more or attend the next meeting to join our timesaving conversations.

Find purpose and balance

As free-willed, diverse individuals, we seek our own purpose. Do you know your purpose? In FPRA Pensacola, we share our purpose and what drives us to do what we do each day. If you don’t know yours yet, don’t worry. Hear what motivates others and you may find yours while you’re with us. While you’re at it, gain a more balanced work and personal life too. We invite you to join us as we share our #purposeinPR and find our customized #FPRA_Balance.

We want to hear your ideas and see your face in 2018! Stay in touch with FPRA Pensacola for the latest, greatest ways to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world. We are all in this together.