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Student Members

FPRA Pensacola places a high priority on providing opportunities for public relations students including regular chapter meetings, networking and student-only programming. Student members have access to the following resources:

FPRA scholarship program

FPRA offers scholarship opportunities to eligible student members on the state and local level. Three scholarships are awarded annually by the Pensacola Chapter, and additional scholarship opportunities are provided by the FPRA Foundation. To apply for scholarships from the Pensacola Chapter, look for a call for entries during the Spring school semester. Students interested in applying for the state-level scholarship can download a PDF of the FPRA scholarship eligibility requirements and application.

Campus activities

The Pensacola Chapter conducts student happenings on the University of West Florida campus. For more information on FPRA-related campus activities, contact FPRA student liaison.

Internship opportunities

FPRA encourages public relations students to participate in intership programs to gain valuable hands-on experience. For a list of available internships, please contact Laura Kirby at [email protected].

Become a member

If you are currently a full-time student enrolled at an accredited college or university and would like to join the Pensacola Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, please fill out an application on the state's website here.