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In case you missed it… February 2015 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Feb 19, 2015, By: Brandi Welk

When thinking about crisis communication, the first thing that comes to mind is the ultimate Golden Rule of “tell the truth, tell it all, and tell it fast.” Mr. Scott and Mrs. Perrigo have drilled this into public relations students’ brains for quite some time now. Crisis communication happens around us every single day. From missing airlines to off-colored statements made by a CEO, anything can happen at any time. As PR professionals, we must always be prepared.

The February chapter meeting was about creating a hands-on experience for members and students to tackle the beast of crisis communication. More than 50 students and professional members attended on February 19 for the monthly Pensacola chapter luncheon where Sonya Daniel, APR, led a workshop about "Communicating in Crisis." 

Members and students were sectioned off into table teams and given a random real-life crisis scenario. Teams were asked to come up with crisis plan which included key messages and a designated spokesperson. Each team presented their crisis communication plan and received feedback from other teams. For those that could not attend the meeting, have no fear! Here are links to all of the scenarios and their corresponding real life events. We have also included the media relations checklist that was handed out.

We would like to say a special thanks to board member, Sonya Daniel, APR, for putting together this amazing workshop.